[AD] Radical Kinship

Following his speech Fr. Boyle and two homeboys from Homeboy Industries will lead a discussion on radical kinship. 

Discussion Leader
Fr. Boyle + homeboys


[AP1] Accepting God’s Invitation into What 
Seems Impossible

We will explore together moments in our daily lives where we feel a “tug” or a “thought” to do something and what happens next.  What prevents or propels us to action?  What fears come up for us as barriers to living out our faith in action?  I will share my own journey, full of struggle and fears along with the beautiful intimacy and breakthroughs that come from accepting God’s invitation into what seems impossible.  This will be an interactive session, providing the space to dialog and leave with tangible steps you can take in response to the tug you feel from the Holy Spirit. This breakout session will be led by Teresa Goines.


[AP2] Radical Kinship for the Rest of Us 

We love hearing from and about Father Greg and his people. But what about the rest of us? This breakout session will explore ways that radical kinship can become woven into our everyday lives, small steps at a time, through a heart of welcome for the “0ther.”  We will explore the posture needed as well as some specific ways we can work towards sharing life with those beyond our usual comfort zones. This breakout session will be led by Jude Tiersma Watson.