[MD] What if My Faith Doesn’t Feel Like it’s Sticking?

Most young people’s quests for identity, belonging, and purpose include spiritual elements. Those who have been raised with church backgrounds often find their beliefs changing and they feel guilty about diverging from childhood beliefs. Others find Jesus compelling but remain suspicious of the church. What if your faith can keep up with your increasingly complex life? What if your spiritual struggle isn’t a sign of unfaithfulness but faithfulness? Let’s talk about it and see if we can find help language and perspective for people’s spiritual quests. Steve Argue will lead the discussion in this session aimed at young adults (18-35). 


[MP1] Sticky Faith: Practical & Tested Ideas to Build Faith in Young People

As parents and grandparents, we try to help our children, teenagers and young adults develop a faith that lasts. Yet approximately 40-50% of graduating seniors pick up their diplomas and ditch their faith. This seminar will give you all sorts of new research-based, practical tips from the Fuller Youth Institute that you can apply immediately in your family and church to help kids of all ages develop a faith that sticks. Dr. Kara Powell will lead this breakout session aimed at parents and grandparents.


[MP2] Youth Ministry 2.0 - A Missional Paradigm for
Student Ministries

This workshop offers a new paradigm for reaching disconnected students for Christ, both inside and outside the church, in a culture where anxiety, depression and suicide are prevalent.  We’ll reimagine what success might look like, identify new opportunities through resources already available in our ministry contexts, and re-establish a vision for enthusiastically sharing the gospel in a youth culture longing for hope. Matt Elam will lead this breakout session.

Matt Elam


[MP3]  Imagining the Kin-dom: Social Entrepreneurship and the Mission of God

This workshop will reflect on the intersection of Fr. Greg Boyle’s teaching (kinship, social entrepreneurship) and Kara Powell’s teaching (Sticky Faith, youth formation) to discuss ways in which the body of Christ can be a ‘faithful presence’ (James Davison Hunter) in our communities for the sake of the common good (Jeremiah 29). Of particular interest will be the need for young people to have a place, a passion and a purpose as three primary resources required to imagine a positive future for themselves. We will discuss how social entrepreneurship can be a meaningful option for communities to serve young people in high risk environments, and practical tools for adults to serve as guides, mentors and examples for children and youth today. Chris Pritchett will lead this breakout session