[M1] Global Education as Kingdom Building

How can education be your mission?  How might you be used as teacher, student or short term volunteer in an educational setting to build God’s kingdom?  Marlene Wall, President of LCC International University, a liberal arts university in Lithuania, will share the unique opportunities on her residential campus with students from 43 nations (from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East and beyond), many war torn, not accessible to mission work, and in political conflict with one another.  As they live together in a flourishing academic community that seeks to cultivate spiritual vitality, there is a global impact. Educators, students, entrepreneurs and those seeking vacations with a purpose will be informed and challenged to engage.


[M2] Immigration: Latino Culture

Pastor Refugio Sanchez is a bridge builder. An immigrant from Mexico, he has integrated into mainstream American culture without losing the traditions and manners from which he came. His deep empathy for those immigrating to the United States helps explain why his Orange County ministry is thriving. His workshop on Latino culture promises to inform and inspire all who attend to build or strengthen their own bridges.


[M3] Global Mission: Reaching the Unreached

Richard Haney and the organization he directs, Frontier Fellowship, look to the frontier where the Good News of Jesus has yet to find expression. They believe Jesus’ message is for everyone, and each person deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel in the context of his or her language and culture. In his workshop Richard will tell stories from around the world where the Gospel has come alive in previously unreached people groups. He will also tell how you and your church may become more deeply involved in this effort.


[M4] Surviving Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Jeff Shaffer of SBAct and Rita McGaw of Victim Witness Program will describe their collaborative approach to helping survivors of human trafficking. In addition to presenting data on the problem and telling stories, they will offer ways the workshop attendees may be involved in alleviating the problem — meeting the immediate, short term, and long term needs of survivors. Please note: Victim Witness is a program of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office.