Radical compassion 2015


An audience of 325 experienced this year's Santa Barbara Mission Conference. They heard Eugene Cho give an inspiring opening speech on Friday night and enjoyed the reception which followed it. Saturday morning refreshments led to worship with Coastland Music, awarding the first of the video contest prizes, and Ray Bakke's keynote address, in which he pointed out that American churches are slow to recognize that the nations of the world now live in US cities.

Following his address were the morning workshops: a choice of five. The workshops of Tommy Givens and James Choung drew large audiences. Next came the box lunch from Three Pickles Deli with options how to spend the lunch break. One of the options was attending the special workshop by Scott Parker on the Middle East. Another was visiting some of the thirty exhibitors in the exhibit tent. Eugene Cho spoke again after lunch, followed by the afternoon workshops: a choice of five. Jeff Schloss and Walter Wright had large attendance for their workshops. Then came the second speech by Bakke in the relaxed setting of Fellowship Hall. The conference ended with the commissioning and closing. A wonderful two days of informing, inspiring, and engaging for God's mission.

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"Lots of people and, more impressively, lots of eager interest and really stimulating questions and comments. What an impressive and inspiring convening of folks who care."

- Professor Jeff Schloss, Westmont College


Eugene Cho speaking at our 2015 Santa Barbara Mission Conference.